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Embrace Your

Joyful Retirement

BOOMERS: Where do you go from here now that you are retiring?


How do you make this time the “right” time?

We help you explore the important issues to find the best solutions, as individuals or as couples.

“Retirement” Workshops for businesses and non-profits to benefit those within five years of retirement.  We help with your retirement planning.

Coaching packages for individuals and couples both pre- and post- retirement to design inspired retirement plans.

Embrace Your



SANDWICH GENERATION: Feeling squeezed from every direction?

How do you nurture yourself as a caregiver while caring for those you love?

We help you address the many challenges and feelings, and so often the guilt, as you explore elder care options.

“Balancing” Workshops for adult children, for  non-profits & senior residences.

Coaching packages for adult children, individually or as couples, in office or by phone.

Embrace Your



SENIOR SENIORS: Wondering if this latest change means that you are “OLD”?


How do you rethink aging and plan with so many future unknowns?

We help you make tough decisions and find a peaceful resolution to the many daunting changes you face.

Aging Workshops for Senior Centers and Senior Residences to explore options for elder thriving.

Coaching packages for individuals, couples, and their families

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