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Approaching- or moving beyond- mid-life?

Make the Best out of the Rest of Your Life!


Dr. Eloise Stiglitz, Psychologist and Aging Expert...

Partners with you to minimize challenges and maximize life opportunities

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As our culture continually changes, our expectations for a meaningful “retirement” have changed, and as we are living longer, our family responsibilities and configurations have become more complicated.

We at EMBRACE YOUR AGING understand these challenges and specialize in maximizing life opportunities, facilitating thriving, and connecting you to your hopes and dreams in your middle years and beyond.

We work with:

  • Active BOOMERS who are approaching the magic retirement age and have yet to imagine how to make the next 20-30 years fun, meaningful, productive and engaging;

  • The SANDWICH GENERATION who are struggling to accept and manage the many physical, cognitive and emotional changes- and decisions- confronting their aging parents; and

  • The CHANGING AGING who are facing their own challenges in figuring out how –and where- to live to make the most out of life, in light of newly discovered limitations.

We will help you, and your family, realize your dreams, manage worries and fears, and make the most out of these special years. We partner with you to create the BEST of the rest of your life.

Embrace your Second Journey. For a complimentary, trial coaching session, or to arrange a workshop for your organization, please call (510) 468-4633 or contact us by clicking here.

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