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My life’s work over the last 40 years as a clinical psychologist has been about transformation.


I am psychologist and a coach who created a new career chapter for myself after my own “retirement”.   


As I have gotten older, my writing, work and teaching have all centered around enhancing the later years of life, bringing the same passion and expertise that accompanied years of psychotherapy practice to my coaching practice.

Most of all, I am excited about helping others create THE BEST OF THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.


My doctorate in clinical psychology is from Purdue University. After many years as a clinician, teacher, researcher and an administrator, I transitioned into running senior centers. Clearly, the work that has touched me the most deeply has been the opportunity to partner with people as they grow into their best selves.


Who am I?

An artful listener who uses insightful questions to help you gain clarity

A curious facilitator who creates a safety net for exploration

A sincere partner whose laughter opens doors to discover new paths


In my work with older adults, I have so enjoyed their perspective, humor, wisdom and openness, all of which mixes so beautifully with all that I am.


Whether you are imagining retirement, struggling with accepting the vicissitudes of aging or juggling the responsibilities of an aging parent, I can help you move forward- to welcome the best of the rest of your life- and Embrace Your Aging.

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